We're creating leverage with your money.

One-Time Transfer

Transfer money ONCE and create a forever asset that only increases in value.


Use each dollar TWICE. When you pull from this asset, your future growth may not be affected.


No mandatory terms to discourage you from touching your money.

Construct a positive interest environment

Guaranteed Growth

Receive guaranteed growth from insurance companies that have been liquid for over a century.

Dividend Potential

Potential to earn dividends in addition to guarantees ... can be received as cash or used to maximize your benefits.

... that can be used in multiple ways.

Take advantage of different use cases for different situations.


Create a liquid and accessible safe money vehicle that earns guarantees and outperforms inflation.


Protect against risk in your portfolio and ensure liquidity during inevitable market downturns.


Leverage positive interest growth against negative interest from debt to minimize your net interest liability.

It's a simple process.

Step 1: Free Consultation

We will walk you through the specifics of the SmartLock™ and help you with initial design.

Step 2: Application

We'll help you submit a no-strings attached application to start the qualification process.

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Step 3: Underwriting

Medical and/or financial qualification for the plan is determined by the carrier.

Step 4: Transfer

Once approved, funds are transferred to the SmartLock™.

Use It. Don't Lose It.

You work hard for your money. It's important for you to be flexible and efficient with it. Without leverage, you can never truly stretch the value of the money you or your business earns. When combined with safety and growth, your leveraged asset will maximize your financial flexibility ... without affecting your cash flow.