We're reducing what you pay in taxes.

One-Time Contribution

Unlike other benefit plans, only pay ONCE and fund future bonus plans at your discretion.

Fully Tax-Deductible

Create a legitimate payroll expense that is 100% tax-deductible with no contribution limits and no IRS reporting requirements.

No Unnecessary Fees

No administrative or legal fees at any point during the creation, implementation, or management of your bonus plans.

These are your current options.


- Can be costly to implement and maintain
- Subject to contribution and deduction limits
- Usually rigid and must be offered to everyone


- Challenging to measure effectiveness
- Upfront costs and stipends can be expensive
- May not address worker's personal interests


- Can be expensive for employer and worker
- May not cover all health conditions
- Can be confusing to understand because of the wide range of options


- Must continually pay premiums to keep coverage
- Usually not portable for workers if they leave the company
- May have term limits where the worker's coverage decreases or is eliminated

Check out this case study.


Michael owns a medical device company. He's spent ten years building the business, and growth was steady until he hired Jennifer, a 40-year old sales representative. Jennifer's passion and expertise has tripled sales, and she now trains other salespeople within the company. Michael has given Jennifer annual raises and she participates in the company's retirement plan, but Michael feels he owes the success of the company to Jennifer's work ethic. He fears that another company may try to lure Jennifer away and has no idea how to provide any new or alternative value to her compensation package.


Michael's agent suggests a SmartLock™ Bonus Plan as a way to use tax-deductible funds to reward Jennifer. The bonus plan provides a retirement supplement with guarantees and a forever death benefit to Jennifer and her family. Michael loves the idea and approves a plan. Jennifer applies for the policy and Michael pays the bonus as premium for the policy. As Jennifer and her team continue to outperform their sales goals, Michael continues to accumulate these plans for her. Through this arrangement, Jennifer feels loyal to Michael and stays with the company until she retires.

It's a simple process.


We'll walk you through the specifics of the SmartLock™ Bonus Plan and help you with initial design.


Agent meets with worker to go over plan details and begin the implementation process.

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Worker's medical qualification for plan is determined by the carrier.


Once the worker is approved, funds are transferred to the SmartLock™.

Stand out to your workers.

We know that you want to put the money you spend on taxes to actual use.

In today's world, it's more important than ever to give your current and future staff a reason to stay loyal to your company. Therefore, finding a simple-to-administer method of rewarding them is important.

With that being said, most employer programs are inefficient, expensive to run, and challenging to maintain. SmartLock™ Bonus Plans are the perfect solution. They provide forever life insurance and guaranteed cash growth for your workers without the hassle and cost of other benefit plans.