The Y-U System

Did you know?

Walt Disney, Ray Kroc & J.C. Penney

all used this system to fund their businesses and create success.

Banks use Life insurance as one of their safest assets

and create a tax shelter with the tax-free savings from their policies to fund employee benefits.

Creating Guaranteed Assets are easy

and will allow you to take advantage of cash value growth that you can use however you want.

financial advisors ignore Facts like these

because they concentrate on the average 10% of your income that goes to overpromised investments. “You’ve got to save more money” ... but, in reality, most people don't realize that they are missing out on creating cash flow using positive interest.

at Y-U, we focus on your biggest financial problem

The biggest problem for most Americans is how they handle their money. Would you pay excessive interest to lenders and unnecessary taxes to the government if you knew there was a better option?

The Y-U Solution

We focus on using every dollar more efficiently. Give your dollar two jobs instead of one!

Don’t let anyone limit your finances by ONLY suggesting ways to "budget", causing you to take money away from the things that you want or need. You can't shrink your way to wealth!

Instead of leaving your finances to chance, we show you how to adequately and affordably leverage your cash flow by creating an asset that generates compounding interest for YOURSELF and not banks or lenders. This cash flow can now be used as a vehicle for things like long-term savings, retirement, paying down debt and funding your lifestyle!

How much does it cost?

It’s free. Our agents provide their services and walk you through the entire process. No fees, no hassle, no stress.

Where Are You Located?

Our agents can meet with you virtually, anywhere in the United States.

Let your why Empower you

We train agents to use insurance in a way that helps clients affordably create and protect assets or get out of debt, while using every dollar more efficiently.

Start a partnership with Y-U Financial!

Enterpreneurship is a team sport

What can a Y-U Financial partnership do for you?

Earning Potential

The ability to earn $100,000+ and create a residual income stream in your first year.

Build A Business

Follow a proven, duplicatable process to build a highly profitable and scalable business.

Established System

Follow the same system that we have used to achieve success in an extremely competitive industry.

External Training

Gain exclusive access to continued learning and software used by the biggest earners in our company.

Internal Training

Access to in-depth weekly virtual and in-person trainings to help shorten the learning curve.

Direct Mentorship Program

Learn directly from a mentor who has a stake in your success.

Generational Wealth

Automatically create multiple income streams that will help create and sustain your legacy.

Age-Old Industry

Create a business in one of the oldest and most recession-proof industries in existence.

What do our agents have to say?

Your success is our passion.

Andy Okala
Atlanta, Georgia

The Y-U system has the proper foundation and structure that has created an environment for elite entrepreneurs, setting me up to succeed from day ONE. In today's business climate, this industry and Y-U's agent-centered organization is the ideal place to be.

Hunter Floyd
Charleston, South Carolina

I'm so thankful for the time I have spent with Y-U Financial. There's nothing better than being a part of an organization that puts you first and makes you feel like family. What an amazing experience it has been to learn the Y-U way!

Mitchell Mabry
Charlotte, North Carolina

I appreciate the work Y-U Financial puts in for us. It's nice to have a company that cares about its agents as much as Y-U does.