We're changing the way you utilize insurance.

One-Time Payment

Transfer money ONCE to carriers that have been in business for hundreds of years.

Minimize Coverage Risk

Get coverage that stays with you no matter what happens in the future.

No Recurring Bills

Protect your future cash flow and forget about having to pay monthly bills.

Maximize the benefits of life insurance

Guaranteed Death Benefit

If you pass away, your beneficiaries receive a multiplied amount ... not just what you invested into the policy.

Living Benefits

Option to pull from the death benefit amount early in case you are diagnosed with a chronic, critical, or terminal illness.

... with only ONE transfer of funds.

Compare it to how you pay for where you live.


Paying for term life insurance is like renting an apartment. You have no "ownership". Although you have somewhere to live, if you stop paying rent and are evicted ... you leave with nothing. If you stop paying premiums on or outlive a term policy and get "evicted" ... you also leave with nothing.

"Permanent" Insurance

Paying for "permanent" cash value insurance is like paying a mortgage. You "own" the home but your lender owns the mortgage and you can only stay as long as you make payments. If you stop, your home goes into foreclosure and you'll get any net equity you're entitled to ... but you'll lose the home. If you stop paying premiums on a "permanent" policy and enter "foreclosure", you'll get whatever net cash value you're entitled to ... but you'll also lose the coverage you "owned".

SmartLock™ Insurance

Purchasing a SmartLock™ policy is like paying for a home with cash. You own the home outright and don't need to make any future payments. You create flexibility for yourself and have the option of buying more property in the future or staying with what you have. When you purchase a SmartLock™, you own it forever ... and unlike other policies, you can't lose it because of a term running out or missed payments.

It's a simple process.


We will walk you through the specifics of the SmartLock™ and help you with initial design.


We'll help you submit a no-strings attached application to start the qualification process.

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Medical and/or financial qualification for the plan is determined by the carrier.


Once approved, funds are transferred to the SmartLock.

Get it and forget it.

Insurance is important, but it only matters if you have it when you need it. Instead of adding an unnecessary expense, purchase it outright and hedge against the risk of not having it ... without a recurring bill.