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Did you know?

Americans owe 74%

of their income to debts like car loans, credit cards, and student or personal loans.

$1.4 Trillion in student loan Debt

makes this the second largest household debt in the U.S., following mortgages.

6 out of 10 Americans

believe that they will pass away with some form of debt.

financial advisors ignore statistics like these

because they concentrate on the average 10% of your budget that goes to rainy-day savings and overpromised investments. “You’ve got to save more money” ... but, in reality, most people are unable to save enough to actually improve their financial situation.

at Y-U, we focus on your biggest financial problem

The biggest problem for most Americans is how they handle their money. Would you pay excessive interest to lenders and unnecessary taxes to the government if you knew there was a better option?

The Y-U Solution

We focus on using every dollar more efficiently. Give your dollar two jobs instead of one!

Don’t let anyone limit your finances by ONLY suggesting ways to budget and save, causing you to take money away from the things that you want or need. You can't shrink your way to wealth!

Instead of leaving your debt to chance, we show you how to adequately and affordably leverage your cash flow to pay off your debt quickly by creating compounding interest for YOURSELF and not the lenders. This frees up more money in your budget to use on the important things like long-term savings, retirement, and your lifestyle!

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Complete Client Mini-Courses

Learn how our system works to eliminate debt or create an asset. Access the mini-course here.

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Gather your financial information

This includes any debts you want paid off, potential long-term savings, contributions to investments, and current financial goals.

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Free Y-U Agent Consultation

We will go over our unique approach to financial education and review your specific situation, either online or in person.

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Set up your financial management system

Eliminate your debt or create an affordable asset with the guidance of your Y-U agent by getting immediate control of your cash flow, savings, and taxes.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. Our agents provide their services and walk you through the entire process. No fees, no hassle, no stress.

Is Business Debt OK?

Our agents can get your business out of debt as well! We'll use the same system to eliminate the debt quickly while increasing the value of your business in the process.

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